Membership on the worship team is a privilege, not a right. We are here to serve God and the body that He has entrusted to us. The purpose of worship team members is not to showcase their talents or to draw attention to oneself in any way. It is not about us. Rather, our purpose is to selflessly and humbly direct the hearts of those that we are leading toward the throne room of God in worship. An attitude of humility and selfless service is essential. This attitude will reflect itself in a spirit of reverence toward God, a spirit of submission toward the worship team leader and each other, and a spirit of teamwork toward fellow members of the worship team.

The worship team is one of the most visible ministries of the church. Therefore, it is important that members of the worship team realize that they are representatives of Jesus Christ and of the church at all times. In their personal lives, worship team members will be expected to live by the highest standards of moral purity, ethical integrity, corporate unity, and personal charity.

Onstage, they should conduct themselves in a spirit of professionalism, reverence and joy. Physical expressions in worship (lifting of hands, clapping, etc.) are welcome and encouraged. What we do in this ministry and in our personal lives is displayed before God and the body and can determine whether or not we are in a place to represent Him and serve in this ministry.

Serving on a worship team takes time and effort. While we are striving to serve the Lord and not draw attention to ourselves, there is an aspect of performance involved. Preparation is sacrificial and essential. It is part of our service to Jesus and the body we serve. This performance is for Jesus and we should strive for excellence. Worship team members are expected to attend a practice on Monday evening. By this point it is expected that members of the team will know the songs well and be able to proficiently play or sing their various parts of that week’s set (vocal parts, stops, changes, riffs, leads, patches, tones etc). Between Monday and Sunday, worship team members need to review the set and the notes for each song and run through them. This all takes great discipline. In a perfect world, by Sunday we know the songs well enough that we are worshiping with the body!!!

Worship team members will be expected to be punctual and faithful in their attendance to all  rehearsals and worship services. If they need to be absent, they should give the worship team leader sufficient notice so that any necessary adjustments can be made.

Worship team members will be expected to convey a neat and clean appearance while onstage. We are not to dress in such a way as to be a distraction or draw attention to ourselves.

Worship team members must be in good standing with the church and must be able to affirm without reservation their belief and faith in Jesus Christ. In addition, potential worship team participants may be asked to undergo an auditioning process which may include a personal interview, a musical audition, and an extended period (at the discretion of the worship leader) during which the individual attends rehearsals but does not play, sing, or operate equipment with the team during services. The purpose of this process is to determine the individual’s musical proficiency, spiritual maturity and personal compatibility with our approach to worship. At the end of this process, an invitation may (or may not) be extended to join the worship team.

You are just as important as everyone else and what you do matters. Sound engineers and visual equipment operators are important members of the music ministry. Visual equipment operators (projection/video/keynote/lights) are asked to arrive early so that all equipment can be checked and verified that everything is ready for our worship services. These members should be quick to respond when an adjustment is needed.

The sound engineers are also asked to arrive early and help the music team as much as possible. Sound engineers must be alert and responsive, especially during worship, and should be ready to make adjustments with quickness! The aforementioned Attitudes, Actions, Attendance and Appearance policies are expected as well.

All members of the worship team are expected to pursue Jesus and grow in their faith through personal Bible study as well as continuing their training as it pertains to their gift (voice, instrument, lighting, sound, projection, etc). There are lots of ways to improve your skills (the internet and YouTube are awesome resources!)


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